Sarah Ward, LMFT

Tools, information, and action steps for our ages and stages.

4707 SW Kelly Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97239 : : (503) 407 -1816

Available in-person, by phone or video conferencing.

Ready for a change? Not sure how to get there or where to start? Or, maybe you have an idea of where to go but want specific steps to make your dream a reality. Perhaps, you or a family member is at a cross roads and you want tools prior to stuff hitting the fan. Or, stuff has hit the fan and you want help with clean up and repair. All of these can be addressed but not in all forums.

Specializing in Healthy Relationships for Our Ages and Stages

Tween and teens:

  • Family contracts
  • Future planning
  • Mood management
  • Social relationships

Early Relationship

  • Collaborative alliance
  • Expectations
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Pre-marital work

Childhood Challenges:

  • Behavior
  • Development changes
  • Peer/Sibling relationships
  • Sleeping challenges


  • Fair fighting
  • Goal setting
  • Personal ownership
  • Productive conversation

Family Concerns:

  • Blending families/parenting styles
  • Communication tools
  • Family teamwork
  • Setting limits


  • Conflict management
  • Making a decision
  • Support for children and adults
  • Transition to co-parenting

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