Some days are harder than others.  Today is one that started out a bit rough. Perhaps, it’s the way the work week started and that this past weekend had little chance for rest and relaxation.  Never the less, I find myself wanting to recalibrate.  After all, it is only 6 in the morning and there is much day ahead!
What helps me during these days is to practice, what I like to call, walking mediation.  It helps me become present, clear my mind of clutter, and restart.   Here are the steps:
  1. Take a walk.  The length can vary from 5 minutes to an hour (or more).
  2. Focus on your senses.  Pay attention to what you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.
  3. Refocus negative thoughts.  When you are paying attention to your body and notice your  thoughts wondering back to negativity and stress, go back to the present and what is happening with your senses.  For example, how does the air feel? Crisp, cold, muggy.  What do your pants feel like? Itchy, tight, loose, soft.  What do you smell? Dog poop, lavender, coffee.
While this doesn’t magically take away the stressors, it does provide an opportunity for rebalance and some peace in a day that began much less so.