“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot.” -Charlie Chaplin

This quote is so fitting for today.  It is day, like most days, were life has roller coasters of moments that are in direct opposition minutes later.  At one point, the ride is on a high.  My children are sharing and impressing me with their new skills, I am prideful of my accomplishments, and reflective on a session from earlier.  The ride then takes a turn and starts downward, one kid has pooped in his underwear, the cat is yowling for no apparent reason, a shelf with glasses on it fell to the ground, and my business and personal phone are ringing.  I am now trying to prioritize what to do, considering having an adult beverage, and wondering what I use to do with my time when I wasn’t multi-tasking so much.
The moral of this story is that during the stressful times in life, I find it particularly helpful to think of life as a television show.  It provides me a step back, a lighter perspective on what is happening and how I want to respond to it, and sometimes, gives me the ability to find humor in poop, or chaos, or other unsavory events.
It also reminds me that this too will pass.  The current 5 or 15 minutes may be overwhelming, uncomfortable, or otherwise, weighted but give it a minute or two and who knows what might transpire.  It seems that when I am able observe and watch moments like they are on a television screen and find humor in myself, the situations, or other people.  Moments become not only more manageable, but laughter or calmness is found in places, that on the surface don’t seem so funny or peaceful.