Birthdays can be a great time to take inventory of the past year and what you want for the next year.   Starting with what was accomplished this past year: 
What has gone well?  
What has been learned? 
What growth has occurred as a person, professional, parent, partner, and friend?
Envision the next year and what can be achieved.
What will be continued this year from last year?
What can be changed?
Where would you like to be this time next year as a person, professional, parent, partner, and friend?
What steps will you take each day, week, and month to meet your goals?
When younger, birthdays were a time to spend with friends and family.  To feel special and loved, while running around hopped up on sugar and present opening highs.  As the years go by, one’s own children are born, careers are juggled, and home projects ensue, it is easy for adult’s birthdays to get lost in the shuffle.  This birthday, a personal gift to self could be taking the time to celebrate what has been, is, and the possibilities for the future.