A topic that often comes up in families is how to make and maintain household rules.  Below are some ideas on creating clear expectations that parents can maintain.
Keep the number of rules between 3-5.   Fewer rules are better for consistency and follow through.
2.     Invite Kids Input.  Have a family meeting and ask children what rules they would like to see as well as what consequences and rewards family members can be given.   Although kids are a part of the discussion, parents will be the ones who have the final say.
3.     Make rules short and speak to what you want.  Some popular rules: be respectful, listen and cooperate, safe hands and feet, in bed at 8 pm.  Talk with your children about what your expectations are for each rule.  For example, in bed at 8 pm means teeth brushed, bathed, pajamas on, and in bed by 8 pm.
4.     Keep consequences lasting a day for younger kids and no more than a week for older children.  Consequences and rewards are given to encourage or discourage behavior.  If a parent takes away the motivation for more than one day or a week, what will the parent give or take away if the behavior continues?