Mandalas can be an entertaining and creative way to manage stress.  Its shape and identical symmetry has a soothing affect on our brain and calms our mood.  To start, pick a mandala (Printable Mandalas), art utensils, and begin coloring.
If you are particularly stressed, picking an art utensil (i.e. paint, crayon, marker) that fits your level of frazzled can be an extra push towards relaxation.  Feeling the desire for more power over the details in your life?  Then colored pencils may help achieve this, as it is the most exact and concise of the art tools.  
Want to loosen up? Crayons and paint may be the way to free your mind.   Finger paint may be a liberating tactile experience for blurring lines and mixing colors together.
Not sure? Markers are fluid and the middle of the road. The most popular coloring utensil overall, in and out of session, with the favorite of the markers being paintbrush tipped.  Seriously, so much fun and the color choices are fantastic!
Wanting the ultimate Zen mandala creation?  You can always try sand like these monks: Video of a Mandala Created with Sand
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