Unmet expectations are the main cause of frustration.  When we expect something to happen it sets us up for unhappiness. Sometimes it is virtually impossible not to have an idea of what should or should not occur.  However, if you find yourself frustrated more than you like, it is time to look at what you can do to bring about your own happiness.  The first step is to take a peek at what you believe is a right.
For example, do you believe you have a right to be treated fairly and kindly?  If you answered yes, you are probably frustrated frequently when you are in public.  The chance that each person you interact with will be fair and kind is unrealistic.
When we expect people to be or do something in a certain way we often feel violated when people do not live up to our ideals.  We can waste energy being angry with one who is acting within their rights or pursue our own happiness and the freedom to choose how we love ours.  It is possible to be active and take charge of your life regardless of how others’ behave.
On this Independence Day, let’s choose to be in charge of our own well being and make it independent of others’.  When you feel yourself tense up or find your thoughts straying to what you believe people, situations, and moments should be like, question your expectations.  How are your beliefs about people and your environment setting you up for disappointment and resentment?  Which expectations are helping you?  Which ones create unhappiness and frustration?
Happy 4th of July,