John Gottman describes this as “Perpetual Problems” defined by either:
  1. Fundamental differences in your personality that repeatedly create conflict.
  2. Fundamental differences in your lifestyle needs.
In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 5 perpetual topics that appear in couples therapy. These examples are highly stereotyped, which is how it is presented when emotions are high.
  1. Money—a spender marries and saver.
  2. Sex—a horn dog marries a prude.
  3. Conflict resolution—a runner marries a blamer.
  4. Children—a “friend” parent marries an enforcer.
  5. Household chores—a neat freak marries ultimate slob.
Now that we have highlighted the extremes, what if you were told that 67% of your marriage’s issues (and others for that matter) are perpetual and unsolvable? Fortunately, the success to a happy marriage is not making perpetual issues solvable, it is learning how realign as a team when you always going to be on opposite sides of important topics.