Running low on topics with your partner that don’t include kids and a to-do list? Below are 15 topics to bring back connective conversation for your next time together.
15 Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse by Doug Brinley
  1. When I first knew I loved you and wanted to marry you.
  2. My own strengths and weaknesses—how I feel about them. Things I am working to improve.
  3. Events and situations that make me happy—activities that I enjoy doing.
  4. How marriage has been different than I thought it would be.
  5. An outstanding trait I think you have developed since we got married.
  6. My favorite quote, poem, or spiritual experience.
  7. How I feel about our home and family—how I would like it to be; if I could change one thing.
  8. How I feel about being a dad/mom.
  9. The meaning of intimacy to me—what part it plays in my life.
  10. How I feel about my work and/or homemaking role.
  11. What I enjoy about marriage compared to being single.
  12. My attitude about money, spending and saving.
  13. Things that depress, frustrate or discourage me.
  14. A trait I like in other people that I wish I had.
  15. An area I could use some help in carrying out better in our marriage.
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