Below are 3 common characteristics amongst the healthiest of people:  
  1. Preventive mindset. Healthy individuals tend to be active instead of reactive. They take an active role in their overall health, relationships, and individual happiness. They tend to do something about their problems as they arise and accept responsibility for their part. When worries about the future creep in, they plan ahead and focus on what they can control.
  2. Balanced.  They place equal importance on emotional, physical, and spiritual health. They have systems or strategies to maintain and/or strengthen all three pillars of human health. Daily practice is given to exercise the muscles of the mind and body.
  3. Connected to others. Healthy people have a strong social network, such as family and close friends. They believe they are part of a community and refuse to be isolated.   Time is spent giving and helping others which can include volunteerism.
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