Can’t take a nap and want more energy?  Here are ideas to refresh and shake off fatigue throughout your day.
1. Chocolate. One tasty piece of dark chocolate (slightly less of an affect with milk chocolate) can get your endorphins up.  Less is more in this example.
2. Rock out. Turn on music and sing. You increase your adrenaline by singing and moving along to a song. Bonus points for a group sing along.
3. Power snack. Having a healthy, low sugar, high protein morsel can deter the lull of the day. Suggestions: fruit or veggie and peanut butter, plain yogurt and berries, mixed nuts, smoothie, or granola bar.
4. Take a break. Walk to the water cooler or bathroom. A little co-worker banter and a short walk, brings your stress level down and revitalizes your mind.
5. Brighten your wardrobe. When we wear cheery or energizing clothing we give off a positive vibe. In return, other people will project a positive attitude back. Bonus points for dressing up and wearing color.
6. Drink water. Dehydration can cause fatigue. Make sure you consume water throughout the day.
7. Avoid energy drinks. These beverages cause a spike in energy but the crash is rough. “Energy drinks are like energy credit cards — you’re spending future energy to get short-term energy. The resulting energy deficit gets worse until you hit energy bankruptcy.” -Leo Babauta
8. Cardio exercise. Getting your blood pumping increases stamina and endurance. This helps during an afternoon of meetings or projects. Bonus points for an a.m. work out. The earlier your endorphins flow the more productive and awake you will be.
9. Laugh. Seek out funny people, tell a joke, or find humor in situations. Regular laughter gets your mood up and stress down.
10. Go outside. Clear your head, change your scenery and breathe in fresh air. A short walk outdoors improves mood and motivation.
11. Citrus. Smelling citrus stimulates alertness. Eating citrus or vitamin C helps absorb nutrients while combating tiredness. Chronic fatigue has been correlated with Vitamin C deficiency.
Ready to change your habits? Pick one or two things to start. This increases motivation and chance for success. When the first one or two changes are more automatic, you can always add a few more into the mix.
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